The mythical “Northern Flyer” might have looked something like this, resting at a station nestled in Vermont’s Green Mountains during foliage season.
About the Band
Four veteran Vermont musicians combined their first-rate harmony singing and instrumental expertise to form Northern Flyer.  Their music rings with a hard-driving authenticity, full of the punch and intensity demanded by bluegrass fans. A concert appearance includes a mix of original songs, unique adaptations of exciting material, and enough traditional numbers to testify to their love of the original bluegrass sound. Northern Flyer appeals to bluegrass and Americana fans, and to all fans of fine vocalizing and strong acoustic musicianship.
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Reviews of our first CD, Northern Flyer
Dan Bolles of Seven Days—Vermont’s arts and news weekly—reviewed our album in the March 7, 2018 issue. He says, “These are veteran players who place a premium on taste, tact and making savvy musical choices in service of their winning original material.” For the entire review, follow this link:

Legendary DJ Joel Najman, host of Vermont Public Radio’s “My Place” for 30 years and “The Great American Music Hall” and “Swing Time” on WDEV says:
“I’m a big fan…”May I Borrow Some Sugar From You” has become a favorite among us WDEV jocks…[That song] caught me very pleasantly by surprise. And, of course, we’re giving the other selections (yes, the originals) a good airing as well. Thank you all for the wonderful music. – Joel

The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association review says, “I don’t know if Vermont has an official state bluegrass band, but here’s one nomination for Northern Flyer!” Follow this link to see the review at the HVBA web site:

Bluegrass Unlimited (February 2018 issue): “This is a very nice effort with good instrumentation and pleasant vocals and harmonies. Look for more from Northern Flyer.” Use the following link to see the entire review.
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Here are some comments on performances:

“Our benefit performance with Northern Flyer was perfect! The band was high-energy and [their varied repertoire provided] something for everyone to enjoy. The musicianship and vocals were top-notch, and it’s clear that Andy, Mark, Andy, and Kirk enjoy playing together. Best of all, the band’s good-natured humor and stage presence made the audience feel right at home during each and every song. I walked away a new fan, and can’t wait for my next show.”  Alex Lehning, Executive Director, Saint Albans Museum
“From the average guy on the street review I can offer this: I went to see Northern Flyer the other night in Saint Albans. The music was great, exceptional work on the harmonies and a “feel” that only comes from great musicians speaking their language as one! Great band, great tunes and a great time!”  Dennis Hill
Great show…Northern Flyer was perfect for our series.  Peter Engisch (Brick Church Music Series, Williston VT)
“Last night at The Meeting House On The Green was a major thrill from the very first note to the last. How fortunate we all were to be present for these World Class players and their music. Their soul, and the precision that comes from years of passion and dedication to their music is not to be missed. Yowza!! ….and did I mention the singing?”   Bob “Wax” Iwaskiewicz
“We had a great time – thanks for such a wonderful show. I loved Jimmy Brown the newsboy.”
Nance Shaw
“Thank you for a great evening of bluegrass—I enjoyed you all so much! We’ll do it again in the future.” Lisa Sammet
“Great band…they love singing and playing together and it really comes through. A lot of humor too. Can’t wait to hear them again!” Marcia Brewster
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Band Bios

Northern Flyer from left: Mark Struhsacker, Andy Sacher, Kirk Lord, and Andy Greene. Photo by Lauren Stagnitti


Andy Sacher (Mandolin)


Andy started playing the mandolin in the early 1960s. After moving to Vermont in the 1970s, he played in numerous bands including: Dealers Choice, Bob Yellin and the Joint Chiefs of Grass, Stone Coane and Sacher, Bob Degree and the Bluegrass Storm, and was a founding member of Breakaway. Andy has a reputation for integrating material from other genres and making it sound like it belongs in the bluegrass framework. Andy brings about half the material to Northern Flyer, and utilizes his vocal versatility to sing lead and various harmony parts.


Mark Struhsacker (Guitar)


Mark nails the demanding role of a bluegrass rhythm and lead guitarist and has mastered the cross-picking solo style made famous by George Shuffler. Raised in New Hampshire, Mark moved to Vermont in the 1970s. He founded the WDEV Radio Rangers. In addition to 26 years of weekly broadcasts, they opened shows for Asleep at the Wheel, Kathy Mattea, and Jim & Jesse. When he was working with Elizabeth Von Trapp, Mark sang our national anthem at Fenway Park! He is a fine singer and songwriter. Like Sacher, Struhsacker sings lead and various harmony parts and contributes about half the band’s material.


Andy Greene (Banjo)


Andy is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. In his youth, he played banjo in Up the Creek before becoming the guitarist and a founding member of Breakaway. He was part of the original Bluegrass Gospel Project and most recently, the founder and guiding light of The Modern Grass Quintet. Andy’s sparkling banjo picking and tenor and baritone harmonies are key elements of the Northern Flyer sound. He is an astute musician and a major contributor to song arrangements. Andy is in great demand as a music teacher.


Kirk Lord (Bass)


Kirk’s professionalism is evident with every solid bass note. One of Vermont’s most in-demand string bass players, he has worked in many of the best known bluegrass bands, including Big Spike, the Bluegrass Gospel Project, The Modern Grass Quintet, and Bob Degree and the Bluegrass Storm. Perhaps Kirk’s rock-solid bass playing springs from his family’s deep ties to Vermont’s granite bedrock. We’re honored to have this fine musician and most affable fellow covering our “bottom end.”


!!Live Performance photos – SPECIAL!!
Use the link below to see photos by Harry Goldhagen (Thank you Harry!) at the Meeting House on the Green in East Fairfield on Friday August 25:


Recording Rik Palieri’s show at VCAM studio in Burlington VT January 28, 2017.


NF at BCA 4-6-17-crop
At BCA (Burlington City Arts) Burlington VT on April 6, 2017. Photo by Anna Blackmer


Cover of Mark’s 2012 recording, “Cold Outside.” Photo by Lauren Stagnitti


Kirk on stage with The Bluegrass Gospel Project


Andy S and Mark


Andy S. with Stacy Phillips and His Bluegrass Characters in May 2016. Photo by Mark Tegtmeier.


Andy G.

Here Are a Few Historical Photos

Bob Degree and the Bluegrass Storm in 2011. Andy S. and Kirk are joined by Bob Degree on guitar and Andy Bromage on banjo.


Mark on the steps of the statehouse in Montpelier with the WDEV Radio Rangers in 1998. The other Rangers are: Tony Washburn (fiddle), Dave Rowell (bass), and Danny Coane (electric guitar).


Andy G. in 2006. Photo by Andy S.


Andy G. (guitar) and Kirk with the Modern Grass Quintet.


Stone Coane and Sacher (Gordon Stone, Danny Coane, and Andy Sacher) were together for about four years beginning around 2005.


Breakaway c. 1993. In a rare photo, we are standing in the stairwell at Nector’s. Andy S and Andy G are joined by a very happy Pete Riley (bass) and Gordon Stone (banjo). Fiddler Gene White is missing from this photo. Photo by Glenn Russell.


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