Northern Flyer Recording (Private)

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Here are MP3 versions of songs we recorded in July, 2017. They will be released soon on a CD. Four of the five are original songs!

1. Northern Flyer 2:49:  Andy Sacher (2017 Shandor Music/BMI)


2. Forgive and Forget 2:48:  Mark Struhsacker (2017 Kenfield Brook Music/BMI)


3. May I Borrow Some Sugar From You 3:55:  Chips Moman and Bobby Emmons (©Tree Publi/BMI)


4. The Punishment Don’t Fit the Crime 2:58:  Mark Struhsacker (2017 Kenfield Brook Music/BMI)


5. Vermont Winters 3:43:  Andy Sacher (2017 Shandor Music/BMI)